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How To Choose Which Web Hosting Plan Is Right For You?

To come online and establish your identity, you need to buy a domain name and a web hosting plan from a web hosting provider. A web hosting provider offers many types of web hosting plans to fulfill different needs of a variety of customers.

And, from this wide range of plans, you have to choose the best web hosting plan for your website. Selecting the best web hosting plan is important because your website will work best with a plan that perfectly meets its requirements.

There are some important things that you must consider to evaluate your specific requirements and choose the right web hosting plan accordingly.

Evaluate Your Website’s Requirements

It’s very important to evaluate the exact needs of your website because you cannot select the best plan without knowing what you need. So, evaluating your exact needs is of utmost necessity. To evaluate your needs, have clear answers to the following questions.

  • What is the nature of your website? – Informational, business, photo blog, video based, etc.
  • How much traffic do you expect?
  • How much resources (Web space, Sub-domains, Bandwidth, Database, etc.) do you need?

After answering these questions, you will get a clear idea of your requirements and you can move on to evaluate and compare different web hosting plans.

Web Hosting Plans at ZNetLive

ZNetLive offers different web hosting plans that are designed to cater to the different hosting needs of different type of customers. Let’s discuss each plan in detail and check which one is best for you.

Shared Web Hosting Plans at ZNetLive - Image

Lite Plus

This web hosting plan at ZNetLive is designed with most basic configuration and offers the resources required by a low traffic website.

Resources – 25 E-mail IDs, 2 GB Web space, 1 sub-domain, 1 MySQL Database, unlimited bandwidth and allows to host a single website.

Best for – Those who are just getting started with their website or running basic blogs, personal websites, and small business websites. Also, if do not have a clear idea of your requirements, go with this plan and upgrade later whenever your needs outgrow the limits of this plan.


The Silver web hosting plan is specifically designed for users with average needs and offers hosting resources to fulfill their basic needs.

Resources – Unlimited E-mail IDs, Web space, sub-domains, MySQL Database, bandwidth and allows to host a single website.

Best for – Those with average-sized websites with average resource requirements. This category includes active bloggers, personal and business websites attracting average traffic.

Silver Plus

The Silver Plus plan is designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of businesses and provides everything that a business may need for successful online operations.

Resources – Unlimited E-mail IDs, Web space, sub-domains, MySQL Database, bandwidth and allows to host up to 10 websites.

Best for – This business special plan is best suited for business websites of SMBs, professionals, freelancers, etc. And, it is most suitable for hosting a single heavy-trafficked website or multiple websites attracting average traffic.


ZNetLive’s Gold hosting plan is the ultimate shared web hosting plan that is very feature rich and comes with maximum resources in the shared hosting category.

Resources – Unlimited E-mail IDs, Web space, sub-domains, MySQL Database, bandwidth and also allows to host unlimited websites.

Best for – Those whose websites attract very high visitor traffic and need good amount of resources to handle it. It includes popular websites that are very informative or e-commerce websites. It is also best for businesses which are growing very fast and have scaling needs.

Select an Upgradable Plan

It is very important that the plan you select is upgradable to a higher plan, so that whenever you exceed the limits of your current plan, you can upgrade. All the web hosting plans at ZNetLive are upgradable and can be upgraded easily whenever the need arises.

When do I Need to Upgrade?

It is important to know the right time to upgrade and for this ZNetLive has requisite measures in place to let you know.

However, you should also keep monitoring your website and your control panel (cPanel) dashboard regularly to monitor “CPU Usage”, as it is an indicator of the amount of resources your website is using. If it regularly gets too high, then it is an indication that now is the right time to upgrade as you should keep some margin to accommodate for heavy traffic in peak times.

Explore More Options

Apart from shared web hosting plans, there are some more options available which you shall explore, if your website needs exceed limits or have some special needs. You may need them, if you are running a big e-commerce, video streaming, gaming or a WordPress website.

These websites may also run on shared hosting plans, but for best performance, you must use either VPS hosting or dedicated hosting or WordPress hosting.

VPS Hosting –

VPS hosting offers more security, resources and freedom to run any kind of software. It offers perfect environment for some sites with specific needs like video and audio streaming, gaming, e-commerce, etc. VPS hosting even offers more flexibility and scalability in terms of resource utilization.

To know more about VPS hosting, read Why VPS is Right for Your Business?

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are best options when you are running a large scale business or e-commerce website and you need complete solitude and best server security. Dedicated hosting offers ultimate hosting resources that can handle the heaviest website traffic.

To know more about dedicated servers, read 5 Differences between Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is specially optimized for WordPress environment and thus provides a far superior performance for a WordPress website than shared hosting.

To know more, read 5 Key Benefits of Using WordPress Hosting over Shared Hosting?

Finally, choosing the right web hosting plan is a very critical decision, so use these tips and wisely choose the best one for your website.

In case, there is any confusion or query about choosing a perfect web hosting plan, do share it in the comments section below.

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What is Web Hosting and how does it work?

 What is the first thing you need when you start your business? A ‘shop’ – where you can store and display all your products that you want to sell. And how do you get a shop? You buy a ‘piece of land’, where your shop can run. Without this ‘piece of land’, you cannot run your shop, as you will have no place to store all your products.

On the internet, your website is your ‘shop’, and web hosting is the ‘piece of land’, where you can store all the files of your website.

When you decide to make a website, you need a place where you can store your website’s files like images, text etc. A web hosting company provides you this ‘storage space’ on a server.

How does web hosting work?

Let us say you have bought web hosting with ZNetLive. When someone wants to visit your website, his computer connects to the ZNetLive server where your website’s files are stored.
The ZNetLive server then delivers the website files to the user and the website is opened on his computer.

The diagram below makes the picture clearer.

what is web hosting and how does it work

How to choose a good web hosting company?

Before choosing a Web Hosting company, here are some key factors you should consider:

Prices should be affordable

Make sure that your web hosting provider’s services are affordable, and you don’t have to pay more than what you should. The web hosting plans should be easy on your pocket, and the resources (web space, bandwidth etc.) provided to you should be enough so that your website never goes down and is always accessible to everyone

Support should be great

It is very important that your web hosting provider provides good support and helps you out with all the technical things. Before making a purchase, check if the web hosting provider gives 24×7 support via phone, email and LiveChat.

Reviews should be positive

Always search the internet to know what the existing customers of a web hosting provider have to say about its services. How is their website performing? Are they satisfied with the kind of support they’re getting? Do thorough research at your end before choosing a web host.

Additional features should be there

A good web hosting provider always provides additional features with web hosting. Does your web hosting come with free domain name, SSL certificate, email-spam protection, hacking protection? Always compare several web hosting providers to see complete list of the features you get with each.


Web hosting is the backbone of your website, and provides complete resources on which your website runs. It is very important to choose the right web hosting provider to ensure that your website never goes down and always performs error-free whenever someone visits it.

Have any questions about web hosting? Please drop a comment below and I will answer the same :)


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